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All-inclusive post-operative rehab
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What is it?

Our post-operative rehab packages are an all-inclusive service at a discounted rate to ensure that you get access to our 1-on-1 evaluations, treatments, and specialized technology and programming between sessions.

These services are an excellent fit for those who have recently undergone surgery and need more frequent access to physical therapy and additional resources

•ACL reconstruction
•Meniscus surgery
•Shoulder surgery (labral repair, RC repair, etc)
•Hip surgery
•Spine surgery (discectomy, fusion, etc)

ACL Club - Specialized rehab for ACL reconstruction
Post-Operative Resources - Personalized programming, compression therapy, BFR home unit, Power Do

What does it include?

In addition to your 1-on-1 sessions with your Doctor of Physical Therapy, your post-operative package includes rental of additional post-operative resources and modalities at no additional cost!

Additional Post-operative resources include:

•Personalized programming for a comprehensive 7x/wk program - including detailed exercise videos, explanations and communication with your DPT

Compression therapy to help manage recovery and swelling after every session

Personal BFR home unit to optimize muscle strength and size with your personalized home program

Personal Power Dot (Muscle Stimulator/NMES/TENS) for home use to maximize recovery and muscle stimulation between sessions

What to Expect

Our post-operative rehab services include  manual therapy, exercise therapy, home program review, and education to set you up for success from beginning to end!

During this critical recovery period, you won't have to share your PT with 1-3 other patients in a crowded gym space with limited equipment.

Our program provides access to cutting-edge rehabilitation technology and personalized programming at every stage of your rehabilitation.

We understand that post-operative care extends beyond merely overcoming pain and being discharged. Our holistic approach ensures that you reach your goals by treating your entire body. That's our specialty,!

Rehabilitation Technology - Manual therapy, exercise therapy, personalized programming